Olfactive Family: Oriental Woody

Main ingredients: Rose Accord > Labdanum Absolute> Gurjum balsam essence> Wood Accord> Natural Oud India> Renewable vanilla

Description: A fragrance till the end of time ... rose, oud and vanilla ... evoking sensations from along the spice trail.


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SEXYCRUSH formules


I wanted a perfume as light as a feather, that doesn’t leave a trace on the planet, only on the skin, with an incredible wake and a strong signature. An inescapable personality of great generosity.

Alienor Massenet


“To be with nature, truly experience it, listen to it, respect it..."

A perfume of infinite contrasts, in which Rose, Oud and Vanilla commingle to create an addictive olfactory imprint with all the emotion of the Spice Road. Aliénor’s key signature, Cistus Labdanum Absolute, gives a mystical dimension.

A wood accord for sensuality... A “virtuous circle:” raw ingredients chosen for their lack of impact on the environment. 89% renewable carbon.

Alienor Massenet


Aliénor Massenet, has been making a difference since childhood thanks to her olfactory sensitivity. She grew up surrounded by artists and scientists, where she recognized perfume as her ideal mean of expression. She draws her creativity from moments of emotion sometimes provoked by other artistic fields from which she is inspired.

After an apprenticeship in New York, she began her career as a perfumer by creating perfumes made up of nuances and dualities. Her creations are above all intended for the public whom she wants to make dream and seduce by the strong personality of her contrasting compositions.

Aliénor Massenet signed the Sexycrush perfume from Maison JUS.


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