Olfactive Family: Ambre Salé

Main ingredients: Amber Accord > Sea salt Accord  > Cedar > Iso E Super > Bergamote HE

Description: Salted amber, mineral like sand, amber like the sun and carnal like salt.


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AMBRASER formules


"My creations are linked to the times in which I live. The ingredients create connections between my fantasies and memories, between desire and modesty.”

Aurélien Guichard


Aurelian’s first language was flowers, learned from his perfumer father and his flower-producing grandparents, his love of the earth and the scent of roses and jasmine in Grasse, the cradle of his childhood. For him, the task of the perfumer is to incite desire, to create fragrances that will make those who wear them desirable.

Each of his creations reflects his respect of savoir-faire, orally transmitted, collected with the utmost attentiveness and sensitivity.
A childhood memory: I have three grains in my hand:
a grain of salt
a grain of sun
a grain of skin

I put them on the top of my sandcastle. The sea and the wind carried them away. Three grains of sand remained in my hand, in my closed fist, three fragrances warm in my memory.

Childhood memory for a great fragrance:
Mineral like sand
Amber like the sun
Carnal like salt

Aurelien Guichard


Aurélien Guichard comes from a line of seven generations of perfumers. He perpetuated this family know-how by becoming a perfumer at an early age and recently took over a business of rose grower in Grasse.

Each of his creations reflects the respect of an oral transmission collected with great attention and tenderness. He considers perfumery as a way of life, where sense of observation, sensitivity to others and generosity are the qualities of the perfumer. His inspiration comes mainly from the exchanges with the people he meets.

Coffeeze, Ambraser and Ultrahot perfumes from Maison JUS are by Aurélien Guichard.


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