Floral Green Rose

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Fresh and humid morning air ... rose sepals ... potent stem aromas from the root to the thorns, glints of sunshine.


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ROSAMONDA formules


“That morning the air was cool, still damp with dew. The harvest was finished, the baskets were filled with sparkling roses just begging to be caressed. On a whim that morning, I scooped up a handful of dropped sepals, being careful to avoid the thorns. I raised my fingertips to my nose, the smell intoxicated me. I scribbled everything down on a piece of paper. Then, taking my time, I faithfully transcribed the fleeting image: the stem from the root to the delicate thorns, the sap running under the foliage, the reflection of the sun…
An instantaneous olfactory journey, unique in the fields of Grasse, at day’s end…"

Fabrice Pellegrin


Gathering precious flowers in the fields of Grasse gave Fabrice the idea of ROSAMONDA. He sought to reproduce the bright and colorful scent of rose sepals: vibrant freshness, slightly fruity, for a feeling of harvest-time naturalness and vegetality. The combination of three qualities of rose brings a great richness to this perfume.

The floral naturalism is intensified by Hedione, which gives the note a diaphanous and moist aura.


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