Olfactive Family: Musky Floral

Main ingredients: Basil Grand Vert HE> Calabrian Bergamot HE> Hedione> Magnolan> Musk T

Description: The first fine days ... Flowers, saps and young shoots ... the air filled with aromas of freshly cut grass ... and the sea ...


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SPRINGPOP formules


“The sun is inebriating... the sea and the sea baths await... vacation looms in the distance…"

Céline Ellena


First beautiful days as winter surrenders to spring, which explodes with joy: flowers, sap, young shoots… The air smells of hay, iodine and resins. This is a "flower" of colorful artifice, an overflow of sweet and pure sensations ... if you listen, you can hear a "pop" at each flowering.

Céline Ellena


Céline Ellena tells the scented stories that inspire her in her everyday life, in her olfactory creations but also in her writing. Indeed, after 10 years of creation for major groups, Céline Ellena began a career as an independent perfumer and decided to open her blog.

She thus shares her inspirations and her olfactory vision of the world around her with her nose but also with her pen. She imagines her perfumes as sensitive tales that touch each of us in our hearts and in our skin, leaving a trace. She likes to think of perfumers as embroiderers of memories, weavers of bonds... and soul mender.

Springpop and Superfusion by Maison JUS are by Céline Ellena.


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