Olfactive Family: Iris Rose

Main ingredients: Iris Base> Oxide Rose> Phenylethyl Alcohol> Hedione> Iralia

Description: The rose and iris waltz together as one. The powder pink rose softens the iris's stark beauty.


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Fabrice has imagined a perfume that is figurative, whose aerial aesthetic is reminiscent of the petals of Iris, and profound in its olfactory richness.

Fabrice Pellegrin


Fabrice has Grasse in the blood. Son of a perfumer, grandson of an adored grandmother who was a jasmine picker, a grandfather who produced raw ingredients, he performs two activities at Firmenich: he is a creative perfumer and he also develops natural products. With this fragrance he sought to pay tribute to the Iris, a rich flower with a rare and complex flower signature.

It takes six years to obtain the best Iris quality: three years of cultivation and three years of drying. Here it is linked to the Rose, a beauty among beauties, a symbolic flower. Two royal flowers, often evoked, but rarely loved for themselves.

Powdery Rose softens Iris, brings out its cold beauty. The Rose ceases to be romantic, the Iris ceases to be haughty. Rose and Iris waltz in unison. A creation in chiaroscuro, contrasted and magnetic.

Fabrice Pellegrin


Fabrice Pellegrin draws his inspiration from the heart of nature and offers an olfactory journey with his creations. Son of a perfumer, he gets his signature from his childhood when he went to pick flowers with his maternal grandmother in the hills of Grasse.

Fabrice Pellegrin affirms his predilection for niche brands in which he finds a new refinement. Today a creative perfumer at Firmenich, he was recently named Best Perfumer of the Year 2017 by the profession.

Fabrice Pellegrin has created three fragrances from Maison JUS: Cuirissime, Rosamonda and Saupoudrage.


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