Olfactive Family: Spicy Heperide

Main ingredients: Madagascar Ginger roots > Pink peppercorns and leaves> Bouquet of aromatics> Angelica roots> Fig Accord > Absinthe

Description: When matter becomes colour ... Zesty ginger, Angelica root, absinthe leaf ... a green blue landscape.


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Alexandra considers each of her formulas as a blank canvas. She chooses her ingredients as a centre disposes of its colors.
I imagined a blue-green landscape with identically colored ingredients: a meeting of heaven and earth. I put my ingredients in large and generous solid areas, draw out the fragrance until the transparency and the material becomes light, powerful and tender.

Alexandra Carlin


"When matter becomes color..."

Madagascar, a land of colors and contrasts, of spices and shamans. I discovered  there, on this big red island covered with laterite, an endemic variety of zesty ginger with hints of lemon and verbena, whose freshly cut root is distilled and whose color turns blues in the light.

Added to this is Angelica root, earthy and musky, Absinthe leaf, bitter and intoxicating, the wood of Abreuva and its ambrette tone, musky, powdery, slightly fruity animal and masculine musks, and woody aldehydes.

Alexandra Carlin


Alexandra Carlin has a natural artistic sensitivity and appreciates all forms of expression such as dance or literature. She draws her inspiration from her fascination with the power of words. In her perfumes, she reveals places and atmospheres, in the manner of an author in her novel.

After an apprenticeship at ISIPCA, the reference school in the perfume, cosmetics and flavours sectors, she began her career as a perfumer with Maurice Roussel. She works mainly on the essential oils that fascinate her and whose many facets she tirelessly exploits.

Alexandra Carlin signed the Noiressence and Gingerlise perfumes from Jus.


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