Perfumes in
full transparency
The complexity of a perfume and the work of the perfumer
Traditionally, perfume houses jealously guard their formulas to give their fragrances an air of mystery. At J.U.S, transparency is part of our DNA. We share our formulas in open source so that all perfume lovers can fully appreciate the work of our perfumers. 
The beauty of ingredients
We use beautiful natural raw materials but also synthetic molecules that enhance and bring creativity and durability to our perfumes. The fruit of the work of men and women with unique know-how, these raw materials are the source of our pride and the quality of our perfumes, so why hide them? Discover all our formulas on the pages of our perfumes.
A speech of truth
At a time when some people are talking about all- natural products, Maison J.U.S reaffirms the complementary nature of natural and synthetic ingredients. Contrary to popular belief, the latter are used in perfumery not because of cost, but because they have been making the beauty of modern perfumery... for over 200 years!