A collaboration between ARRETZZO X J.U.S

To enrich our candle collection, we've created a unique handcrafted candle holder using the Terrazzo technique. This technique revitalizes three perfume bottles that were discarded due to defects.


Notwithstanding meticulous efforts in the production of perfume bottles, approximately 10% of them are deemed unsuitable due to impurities in the glass, lacquering imperfections, or insufficient brilliance. Acknowledging its steadfast dedication to upcycling since its establishment, La Maison J.U.S has resolved to repurpose these unused containers through the innovative application of the Terrazzo technique.

bougeoir visuel
visuel bougeoir


Thierry de Baschmakoff, driven by a fervor for colors, materials, and the concept of upcycling, found a profound enthusiasm for the ancient essence of terrazzo.

Léandre Carbonneaux, a meticulous French artisan, upholds and carries forward this time-honored tradition with exacting precision.

Collaboratively, they conceived a candle holder boasting refined contours and opulent, multihued inclusions. Each holder embodies a solid block of terrazzo, juxtaposing raw and polished textures, radiating vibrant luminosity. Every piece stands as a singular creation, intertwining fragments from three distinct J.U.S perfume bottles.

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Designers and Craft Artists

photo Léandre Carbonneaux

Léandre Carbonneaux

Léandre possesses an innate appreciation for materials and the harmonious fusion of elements. Much akin to a culinary artist, this maestro of terrazzo orchestrates compositions ranging from understated to exquisitely intricate, tailored to the specific desires of his clientele. Elevating this age-old craft, he integrates innovative materials that harmoniously blend durability and sophistication.

In seamless collaboration with architects, interior designers, and furniture artisans, he meticulously fashions furniture and ornamental pieces using terrazzo granito.

In a symbiotic partnership with J.U.S, Léandre has co-crafted candle holders, each conceived as a distinctive masterpiece, merging his expertise with their vision.

Thierry de Baschmakoff

Thierry has designed more than 3000 perfume bottles, including many emblematic bottles for the biggest French and international luxury brands. His love of colours, shapes and the fusion of ideas lead him to break with classicism. For J.U.S., Thierry is renewing with traditions but with a very modern look, embracing craftsmanship, the slow making of objects, the work of the hand, the perfection in the imperfection. For J.U.S. he wants objects that have a soul, that can be cherished for a long time, used, reused, collected.

photo de Thierry de Baschmakoff
visuel bougeoir
The J.U.S candle holder
A unique, hand-crafted piece using the Terrazzo technique, which revalorizes three perfume bottles discarded for defects.
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