Personal stories,
a common passion

The three

Of us have a passion for natural raw materials, synthetic molecules and associations that create unique perfumes.

Of us can spend hours, days, months exchanging with a perfumer to create unique perfumes.

Of us want to reinvent luxury to make it more sustainable, more responsible and always more desirable.


Together, we have decided to make a revolution! It's not about cutting off heads, but on the contrary about freeing minds!

This gave birth to Maison J.U.S, which creates unique and sensorial jewels with the most talented master perfumers.

So, together, let us continue to liberate perfumery, together let us continue to create J.U.S.

Brigitte Wormser, Thierry de Baschmakoff, Jean-Baptiste Roux

The complementarity
of an inseparable trio

Accustomed to working for others, Brigitte, Thierry and Jean-Baptiste were keen to create a brand that resembled them. They also wanted to move away from the traditional orders that had been their life for decades and move towards their own aspirations, without formatting, but with creativity and authenticity.

Brigitte Wormser

Brigitte knows the world of perfume in its smallest details. Today, to break the cycle of repetition and hyper-marketed projects, she allows perfumers to realise their dream: to work with total and absolute freedom. No marketing brief, no target client, nothing... just their own emotions and personal stories. For J.U.S, she has this vision of complete and absolute freedom that guarantees a unique, different and memorable perfume creation.

Thierry de Baschmakoff

Thierry has designed more than 3000 perfume bottles, including many emblematic bottles for the biggest French and international luxury brands. His love of colours, shapes and the fusion of ideas lead him to break with classicism. For J.U.S., Thierry is renewing with traditions but with a very modern look, embracing craftsmanship, the slow making of objects, the work of the hand, the perfection in the imperfection. For J.U.S. he wants objects that have a soul, that can be cherished for a long time, used, reused, collected.

Jean-Baptiste Roux

An expert in perfume development, Jean-Baptiste has seen the industry become massive, with forced relocation to maintain volumes and low production costs. For him, adding eco-responsibility to the J.U.S equation means constantly and tirelessly travelling around France to meet suppliers and artisans, to discuss, understand, test, trust, and generate the incredible chain of goodwill and passion that drives the partners who have believed in the brand and contributed their time, expertise, and dedication to the project. So yes, "Made in France" is proudly and strongly displayed on each of the J.U.S perfumes and everything that surrounds the brand, a mark of identity and meaning.

Our parfumers

Aliénor Massenet

Aliénor Massenet signs contrasting compositions with a strong personality. She identifies perfume as her ideal mean of expression, which allows her to make the audience dream.

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Fabrice Pellegrin

Son of a perfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin draws his sensitivity to natural raw materials from his childhood memories in Grasse. His career has seen mostly collaborations with niche brands.

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Alexandra Carlin

Alexandra Carlin has a natural artistic sensitivity. Fascinated by literature, she skilfully reveals atmospheres in her fragrant creations, in the manner of an author in his novel.

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Aurélien Guichard

Coming from a long line of perfumers, Aurélien Guichard is a perfumer from Grasse and has recently become a rose producer. His creations reflect his respect for the know-how, an oral transmission collected with great attention and tenderness.

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Céline Ellena

Both perfumer and author of a blog, Céline Ellena tells the fragrant stories that life inspires in her. Her career as an independent perfumer is characterized by sharing and freedom.

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